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April 2014

  • March in the Garden
    If your beds and borders lacked flower power last year, then put that right by planting new herbaceous perennials now...
  • February Gardening Tips
    We are having such a mild winter here in the South East that you might be tempted to start some gardening jobs a little early...
  • Divide and Cultivate!
    Spring is the best time to divide Hosta's, Agapanthus, Sedum and other clump forming plants...
  • Hoe, Hoe, Hoe!
    So the sun has arrived and your garden is coming back to life, this includes the re-emergence of weeds...
  • Keeping Mosquitoes at bay:
    Want to enjoy summer BBQ's in your garden without becoming dinner for Mosquitoes? There are several natural repellents to help keep the biter's at bay Rosemary being one of them, Gnats just can't stand the smell...
  • April in the garden...
    The days are longer and the sun is getting stronger, you might be tempted to plant your bedding out too soon...
  • We might not give you the cheapest quote...
    But you'll definitely get what you pay for - any of our regular clients will vouch for us...


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